Mikayla Johnson ‘16 Opens Show at New Moon Cafe

Posted by Robert C. Kirk, Creative Director

Jan 12, 2016 5:02:25 PM

January 8 – February 29, 2016
New Moon Cafe, 150 Cherry Street, Burlington, Vermont

Looking for something to do on a chilly mid-winter day? Head on over to New Moon Cafe for a warm drink and the chance to peruse the artwork of talented Burlington College artist and student, Mikayla Johnson '16. Her artwork ranges from realistic natural landscapes to self-portraits and abstracts.
Describing her artistic process, she says, “I want to move, to escape, get lost, and travel when I paint. I paint to ask questions of myself in order to spark new curiosities. When I start a new painting I think of it as starting a new journey. I use a variety of mediums to create specific textures and colors while trying to portray a sense of wonder for my viewers.  I like to push myself in terms of process and enjoy exploring new ways of making a mark- whether it’s with coffee, sticks, cement, or my feet. As an artist of multiple disciplines, I also work with materials such as metals, wire, and stained glass.”
Mikayla moved to Vermont from Maine to study at Burlington College in 2012. Her favorite part of the College is its small size, “ I feel really lucky to have such small and interactive classes. I knew I needed to be in a smaller place and it just all made sense when I came here. I could feel the close-knit community of Burlington College even when I was just taking the campus tour as a prospective student.”
She will be graduating May, 2016 with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Expressive Arts. Mikayla currently works at the Shelburne Craft School, where she is a studio assistant and instructor for youth classes.
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Burlington College Alum Abbey Meaker Launches “Overnight Projects” at Burlington City Arts

Posted by Coralee Holm, Dean of Operations and Advancement

Jan 7, 2016 2:42:31 PM

With the sale of the orphanage being finalized last week, those who will miss the history of the great old building will be relieved to know that an artistic legacy born in its hallways will live on. Last August, artist and Burlington College alum Abbey Meaker curated An Order — an exhibit of short-lived installations located in the vacant rooms and hallways of St. Joseph's Orphanage, featuring a variety of local Vermont artists and co-sponsored by Burlington College and Burlington City Arts.
This year, Meaker and An Order artist Sarah O Donnell have come together to begin Overnight Projects, an exhibition program, “whose mission is to expand the contemporary art conversation in Vermont by inviting local, national, and international artists to create site-specific installations, performances, and related programming in abandoned, or transitional spaces.”
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Actively Disengaging Walk #4: North Beach Loop

Posted by Robert C. Kirk, Creative Director

Jan 6, 2016 11:30:00 AM

This is the fourth in a series of blog posts where I model something I encourage my graphic design students to do — actively disengage during the design process. Doing this gives them a break from the problem and I maintain it really helps stimulate creative thinking. This led me to the idea of writing about five "actively disengaging" walks I have taken on the shores of Lake Champlain.

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Burlington College Woodworking Alums Shine at the 2016 NICHE Awards

Posted by Robert C. Kirk, Creative Director

Jan 6, 2016 9:46:00 AM

Burlington College is always proud to hear about the successes and accomplishments of of our alumni, and most recently we were thrilled to have learned that two Burlington College alums have been selected as finalists in the 2016 NICHE Awards. Jesse Fox, a 2015 graduate of the B.F.A. in Woodworking and Fine Furniture-Making program, was selected for his piece The Dust Trap and Alicia Dietz, a 2013 graduate of the Advanced Fine Furniture-Making certificate program, was chosen for her piece Fallen Soldiers. Both artists were selected as finalists in the 'Student Wood' category.

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The IMA at Burlington College: A Masters Degree, Re-Imagined

Posted by Coralee Holm, Dean of Operations and Advancement

Jan 4, 2016 12:31:26 PM

Making the decision to attend graduate school is a big step, whether you are a traditional student who wants to continue on track from an undergraduate degree, or a professional deciding to go back to school to further your career. Enrolling in a conventional Masters degree program requires a considerable dedication of time and money in order to attend classes on-site, full-time and on a rigid schedule. That can be a tall order for students who may be juggling an array of responsibilities including full time careers and families! Plus, finding a school which offers a specialization in your subject of interest and is also conveniently located to your job and home can be nearly impossible.
At Burlington College, we believe that a high-quality, customized masters education should be available to anyone. That's why we developed the Individualized Masters of Arts Degree (IMA).
For years, we've given masters students the freedom to design a course of study around their own unique interests and complete relevant and customized classes through online and hybrid distance learning. With just two required residencies, busy Masters candidates only need to be on campus for six days, three when they begin their program of study and three when they wrap up and present their final capstone projects. Throughout this process, dedicated faculty advisors with expertise in the student's chosen field provide ongoing support to help shape a rigorous course of study.
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Student Zachary Brown publishes in the Journal of Conscious Evolution

Posted by Coralee Holm, Dean of Operations and Advancement

Dec 13, 2015 10:46:18 PM

Transpersonal psychology is an uncommon field of study at undergraduate institutions. Burlington College department chair Piers Kaniuka describes it as, "the study of religion and spirituality in the light of western psychology."  While many of our students approach the subject from where is applies to the human services field, not many delve so completely into the musings of the subject that they become published authors in an academic journal. So we were excited to learn this week that  Burlington College senior Zachary Brown's research was recently chosen for inclusion in the  Journal of Conscious Evolution
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Burlington College Addresses Affordability and "Resets" Tuition

Posted by Coralee Holm, Dean of Operations and Advancement

Nov 30, 2015 12:33:20 PM

Is college worth the cost? This question has been discussed for decades, but now it is in the national spotlight. For many young people, the rising costs of college have put the American dream out of reach. Both parents and students are hitting the ceiling when weighing the growing costs of higher education.

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BC Students Organize YMCA Family Float Fundraiser

Posted by Coralee Holm, Dean of Operations and Advancement

Nov 24, 2015 2:24:00 PM

Students in the Burlington College Tourism and Event Management program are putting their newfound skills to the test as they plan, organize and promote a local Burlington community event and fundraiser. 
The YMCA Winter Family Float will feature pool games, a raffle (with fabulous prizes) and healthy snacks for families on Saturday, November 28th, from 5pm-7pm. Students will plan the event from start to finish, including the structure, timeline, design and marketing of the program for promotion in the Greater Burlington area.
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Burlington College Wins Best Film at VTIFF’s 40-Hour Film Competition

Posted by Coralee Holm, Dean of Operations and Advancement

Nov 9, 2015 10:00:42 AM

Photo by Karen Golden 

You've heard it before. A film competition with a predefined theme, tight time schedule and group of dedicated, sleep-deprived Burlington College students struggling through for a big win. But we're not talking about the Sleepless in Lake Placid film competition held a few months ago, where BC students took away the Audience Choice Award.

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NEASC Accreditation Update

Posted by Dr. Carol A. Moore, President

Nov 4, 2015 10:30:00 AM

Good news! From October 4-6, the College hosted the NEASC accreditation team with a focus visit. The visit began with a dinner on Sunday evening with our Tourism and Event Management students preparing and serving appetizers. The team met with faculty, staff, and students on October 5th and all went well. On October 6th, Jean Wyld, chair of the team, reported out to the Burlington College community an over view of their visit. You can see this report out on our YouTube channel.
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