Burlington Makes Rankings for Best College Towns and Cities

Posted by Coralee Holm, Dean of Operations and Advancement

Jun 28, 2013 11:00:00 AM

Burlington_VermontVermont has been forever branded as the state with breathtaking foliage and rolling green mountains.  Over the years, the state has become notorious for providing a sense of escape for the big-city-lovers around the country.  As a result, Vermont has molded itself into a place of serene, solitude away from crazy honking horns and hustle-and-bustle streets.  Because of this, Vermont cities tend to slip under the radar when naming regions for their lively city atmosphere. 

Here’s where Burlington, Vermont swoops in to save the day and give Vermont a youthful, fun reputation students tend to pursue when looking for further education.  After years of neglect from studies conducted around the country, the American Institute of Economic Research has ranked Burlington, Vermont 18th in the Best College Towns and Cities in the nation.

How the Cities and Towns Are Ranked

The American Institute of Economic Research looks at thousands of colleges and universities around the country every year in an effort to award 75 schools with the title for “Best College Town and City.”  The team evaluates student diversity, unemployment rates, degree attainments and the earning potential among others.  The AEIR is known for its studies focusing on businesses and their productivity each year. 

However, the organization left out the part college students look for when they scan the webpage of the school or ask their friends to comment on: “What’s the party life like and are there activities to do at all times?”  The answer to this question is Burlington has that and so much more, causing the city to ream itself fit for this award.   

What Burlington Has To Offer

Burlington houses four colleges within its perimeters, including University of Vermont, Champlain College, Burlington College and the Community College of Vermont.  These four colleges are located on the outskirts of Church Street, home to many festivals and popular stores year round.  These events and popular shopping stores are in addition to what the AIER evaluated, giving the city an even bigger name, with bigger opportunities for students to enjoy while they attend the college of their choosing.  Burlington takes pride knowing they were finally recognized for their city and all it has to offer its students.   

So whether it’s attending a concert at the Waterfront, or grabbing a slice at Mr. Mike’s after a long night at the bars, Burlington offers a wide array of adventure to any student pursuing a higher degree, giving it a rightful place on the top 75 Best College Towns and Cities in the country.  

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Burlington College is a small, creative, private liberal arts institution located in Burlington, Vermont on the shore of Lake Champlain. The College has been recognized as having the most free-spirited students in one of the healthiest states in the country.

The College offers Associate, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees, as well as an Individualized Masters degree program, and several professional certificate programs.

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