Creative Minds Program Recognizes Burlington College Student

Posted by Coralee Holm, Dean of Operations and Advancement

Jun 26, 2013 2:30:00 PM

one-dayBurlington College could not stop buzzing after undergraduate, DeWolfe Morrow’s recent honor given at the 2013 Creative Minds in Cannes Film Program.  From homeless men on the sidewalk, to a night out similar to the 2009 film,The Hangover, Morrow captivated audiences across the globe with his five-minute film titled, “One Day,” focusing on the significance of equality among humans. 

The Contest

Morrow and his student colleague, Joseph Mulherin took flight to Cannes, France with the mindset of winning the competition within the program; they wanted to create a film that could make a difference.  When they arrived, their determination increased after on-looking the other 17 teams competing to win the same title.  After evaluating the requirements, Morrow went to work, pen in hand, as the screenplay for the short film poured onto paper.

The team of five had one week to complete a five-minute film with no copyright infringements.  Some teams chose to focus on diversity and other humanitarian issues, while Morrow chose to capture the essence of equality.  “One Day” was born from this idea, with the notion that every man is similar once stripped away of all materialistic possessions.  The camaraderie found between the two men in the film radiated out of the screen as “One Day” five-minute film was released to audience members in Cannes.

The Inspiration

Morrow’s daring personality proved beneficial after receiving the highest honor at the competition for best picture, best script, best editing and best acting. 

His inspiration came from the importance of understanding that “people are people,” and everyone is created equal, regardless of their financial status.  Morrow chose to capture this element of equality through his five-minute film by portraying a rough-around-the-edges homeless man and a wealthy, trust fund adult interacting on a street corner. 

The five-minute film took the two on a journey that seemed like a one night party session with a stranger, but turned into a lifelong lesson dealing with the importance of understanding status is irrelevant to the human race.

The Winners

 Morrow and Mulherin are rising seniors for Burlington College.  Faculty and Staff are beaming with excitement and appreciation for all of the hard work and dedication the two put into the film.  While Mulherin is not coming back to Burlington College in the fall, Morrow hopes to continue pursuing his film degree at the college as he relishes in his victory at the renowned “Filmmaking Institute” in Cannes. 

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