What is Dual Enrollment and What Are Its Benefits?

Posted by Christine Plunkett, Burlington College President

May 12, 2014 8:06:49 PM

Dual Enrollment is a program allowing Vermont high school juniors and seniors to enroll in and earn credit for college courses while still in high school. Through dual enrollment, you may take one course during each of your last two years of high school at a designated college, earning credit towards both your diploma and your college degree simultaneously.

Stephen St. Onge, Burlington College Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs, says of the program, “Dual Enrollment courses are for high school students looking for both increased academic challenge and an opportunity to save money on college tuition.”

ecp_costs_bottom_lineHow can I benefit?
Save money!  Why not earn credit while it’s free? With higher education costs quickly skyrocketing, all students can benefit from taking a few courses free of charge!

Get a head start!
Can’t wait to dive into that major? Or maybe you’re worried about fitting everything in once you get to college? Take the opportunity to get a few general education requirements out of the way or just try something new, if you don’t know where to start. You never know where a course might lead or what new interests it might spark! A college might offer something you never knew you were interested in, so why not start now?

Get a feel for the experience.
As exciting as it is, starting college for the first time can be intimidating for many students. Dual enrollment offers you the chance to dip your toes in the water and get a taste of what college life is like. Trying out a course or two can make the transition out of high school a whole lot easier. Better yet, it can help you find out what you want from your college experience. Take the opportunity to prepare yourself for college level work and explore your options.

Stand out.
There is no better way to show a school you can succeed in college than to prove you already have. Set yourself apart from the rest of the application pool by showing you are capable of college-level work. Schools look for students who are up for a challenge!

I want to learn more and apply for the Early College Program.

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