Mighty Mozart: Luca Franzetti, Cello

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Jun 30, 2014 4:10:51 PM

luca_franzetti_1Burlington College is proud to present Mighty Mozart 2014. Take in a picnic and classical music with gorgeous views of the lake and sunsets. Concerts will be performed outdoors on our beautiful campus under our tent. Nine concerts over the course of three weeks will bring world-class musicians together to perform a carefully chosen selection of pieces by Mozart and his contemporaries. 

Tickets are available online at www.burlington.edu/mighty-mozart.  $15 adults; FREE children 12 and under.

One of our world-renowned performers at this event will be Luca Franzetti. To see a video of Franzetti click here.


Luca Franzetti: Cello
Born in Parma in 1969, he started playing the cello very late, after studying the violin and the piano. He began playing in an orchestra at the age of 20, as the principal cellist with Riccardo Chailly as conductor, resulting in tours and recordings all over the world. Later he became the principal cellist for the Scottish Chamber Orchestra in Edinburgh, the Royal Philharmonic of Flanders in Antwerp, and Operanorth in Leeds.

In 2004 Franzetti first worked with Claudio Abbado and this experience had a profound impact on his career. This powerful collaboration between the two still continues today so his talent is present in 90% of Abbado’s projects.

He is currently focusing mainly on chamber music, with the Trio Magritte. He is also involved in important events as a soloist in Italy and abroad. He has been invited to Venezuela as a soloist (Schumannn, Cello Concerto in A minor with the Simon Bolivar Orchestra) and as a teacher. In addition he is a member of the group Silete Venti, with the Baroque cello.

This experience has been the base of all his professional experience. 
Later he became the principal Cello for the Scottish Chamber Orchestra in Edinburgh, the Royal Philharmonic of Flanders in Antwerp, and Operanorth in Leeds.

Luca Franzetti is a member, as well as one of the soloists, of the Orchestra Mozart in Bologna and a member of the Lucerne Festival Orchestra.
Recently, the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole and the Istituto Musicale di Reggio Emilia have hired him as a teacher, and he has also been offered the role of principal cello in the Oviedo Symphony Orchestra in Spain.

Mighty_Mozart_SidebarFranzetti is currently mainly focusing on a soloist career. He is involved in important events performing cello solo recitals and solo concerts accompanied by orchestras in Italy, Switzerland, Japan and Venezuela, where he has performed as soloist with the Simon Bolivar Orchestra (Schumann, Cello Concerto in A minor). Future projects include an important Recital for cello solo (music by Ligeti, Cassadò, Bach, Sollima) in the Quirinale Palace (President of Italian Republic Palace), on March the 2nd, which will be broadcasted on the air all through Europe by RAI (Italian State Radio-Television).

Since Franzetti was invited by Abbado to teach in the famous “El Sistema” of Josè Antonio Abreu in Caracas(2009), Venezuela his life has changed radically. The "Sistema" was taking out kids from the Barrios, with a future of crime, and drug dealing; teaching music gave them a chance to take another path.The cello section of the Simon Bolivar Orchestra of Gustavo Dudamel was under his guidance.

He started a path of humanity projects, teaching music in places where music and culture is really needed and can save lives. Beginning four years ago, he travels once or twice a year (December and June) to Ramallah in Palestine to teach music in the refugee camps, to give a second chance to kids whose future is typically one of throwing stones to israeli soldiers and the associated consequences. Music can help them to understand that they exist and they can spend their lives not hating their neighbors . Franzetti is planning to expand these same activities to South Africa, in the townships of Soweto and Cape Town, and to South America, in Paraguay.

Luca Franzetti believes that music is not only performance in front of an audience, but a mission to cure illnesses of human beings, and his wish is that every musician became a "Musician for Human Rights". The responsibility of musicians and artists in general, especially today, is crucial in a world which is confusing the concept between dividing and sharing (Dividere-Condividere).

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