Internship Opportunity Shows Promise for Burlington College Woodworking Students

Posted by Coralee Holm, Dean of Operations and Advancement

Jul 5, 2013 8:40:00 AM

rob_palmer_tableAlicia Dietz and Robert Palmer both made their way to sunny California to work with furniture-making professionals in internship opportunities students only dream of. 

Growing up, most kids have idols they look up to as their role models.  These role models range from moms and dads, to firefighters and policemen.  However, as we age we switch gears and target more specific role models by evaluating their accomplishments and composure in real world settings.  For Dietz and Palmer, these idols happen to be their mentors for the summer of 2013. 

The Mentors

Wendy Maruyama and Gary Knox Bennett are famous icons in the woodworking and furniture design industry.  Their work is known for its creative edge and appeal to the human eye.  While Bennett is famously known for his piece, The Nail Cabinet, Maruyama has received several awards, including The California Civil Liberties Public Education Grant in 2010.  Both professionals have work displayed in museums around the globe, causing their names to surface when researching prestige designers with talents beyond that of any ordinary furniture maker.  For these reasons alone, Dietz and Palmer chose to pursue the two in an effort to learn their techniques.  They were persistent and qualified enough to not only receive a reply from the two furniture makers, but were granted permission to work under them as mentees for the talented professionals. 

Their Accomplishments

After winning second in the 2011 AWFS competition for his pieces titled, Smokin’ Sycamore and The Doom Box, Palmer plans to develop his skills as he spends his summer working under a figure he has idolized since entering the field of study.  Dietz has also won awards, including The Robert Fletcher Award, deeming her the perfect candidate for such an honor.

How to Stay Connected with the Interns

The two have active blogs, documenting their trials and tribulations as they test boundaries they have never thought possible in the furniture making world.  Their talents will be used to help the two professionals construct pieces, which Dietz and Palmer hope to use to further develop their portfolios as they move closer to their degree in woodworking. 

Burlington College is raving at the chance the two talented individuals have for the summer and hope they take their experience and come back to school in the fall with bigger and better ideas to help their future careers.  The internships are also expected to help build relationships with furniture making professionals around the country to provide other students with the opportunity to accept internships in years to come.     

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