Pop-Up Gallery: Audrey Crouse’s Degree Project

Posted by Madi Pajerowski

May 17, 2016 12:50:32 PM

April 21, 2016, was not a typical Thursday at Marco’s Pizza on Williston Road. That evening, Marco’s became a pop-up gallery for Burlington College artists. Paintings and photos lined the walls of the pizza parlor as students played guitar and sang in the small performance area set up at the front of the shop. Patrons browsed the art and listened to music while eating their slices. After some performances, a raffle was drawn, and prizes ranging from BC apparel to a cruise on Lake Champlain were awarded.

The pop-up event was planned and hosted entirely by senior Audrey Crouse as a part of her Degree Project. She graduated on May 14th as an individualized major with a degree in Event Management and Media Production. For her project, Audrey wanted to plan a community event, and chose an art show featuring the work of fellow Burlington College students, such as Tim Morris and Everett Renderer. Giving exposure to her fellow graduates was central to what Audrey sought to accomplish. With the help of Professor Jen Colman, Audrey pulled off an evening of art, music, and pizza that reached the BC community and beyond.

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Just Do It: The Conole Story

Posted by Michelle Carbino

Mar 24, 2016 4:00:00 PM

On Tuesday, February 23rd, the college held its first “Halfway There Event,” when students who have earned 60 credits or more were recognized for their progress. Chris Conole, one of two student speakers, explained that he had been interested in film ever since middle school but was hesitant to study film in college. The problem was that he comes from a family full of scientists and engineers. When he first mentioned his possible interest to his mom, she reacted as if he had told her he was ill, and she wanted a second opinion. Despite the skepticism, he kept making films with his friends.

“My very first interest in film came when I got my first camcorder and opted to do short films instead of writing papers for my school projects,” Conole explained. (It’s worth noting that everyone calls him by his last name and pronounces it like the Italian pastry. He’s that kind of guy.) As he practiced filming and editing videos, his family finally became curious about his work and then supportive as he applied to the Film+Media program at Burlington College.

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Art Beats: Burlington College Takes Over First Friday

Posted by Michelle Carbino and Madi Pajerowski

Mar 8, 2016 5:00:00 PM

The First Friday in February, a night when many artists exhibit all over town, was a busy night for four artists from Burlington College: Mikayla Johnson, Kacie Cotter-Sacala, Dana Heffern, and Rebecca Weisman.

We started our tour des arts downtown at the New Moon Café, where senior Mikayla Johnson was presenting her first solo art show. The large cavernous back room was softly lit, and Mikayla’s large vibrant paintings filled a long wall made of unfinished boards. Beneath the paintings, people filled the tables while they drank tea and worked on their laptops. Friends and family members came to enjoy her show, leaning across customers for a better look.

When asked how she felt to have her own art show, Mikayla said, “Weird. I’m not used to seeing all of my paintings side by side because they weren’t meant to be next to each other. But it’s cool. I like it… It was also unexpected because Dana just called me up before winter break and was like ‘we got you a showing for your artwork’ and I was so excited and nervous because I’ve never had my own show before.”

Mikayla has been working on most of these pieces over the last year. She combines figuration with bold colors that are full of energy; even the landscape from Mount Philo was fluid and full of motion. There were a total of 7 paintings and each one told a different story.

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The Gallery at Burlington College Presents: “Altitude”

Posted by Kelsey Evans

Mar 1, 2016 3:55:29 PM

It is with great pleasure that we announce the opening of an exhibit by accomplished photographer and dedicated staff member, Amanda Lass, Program Coordinator for woodworking at Burlington College. 

Altitude, which shows at The Gallery from March 1st to April 29th, features the steep slopes and breathtaking vistas of mountainous country. From the glacially-rounded peaks of the Green Mountains to the majestic crags of volcanic peaks in Ecuador, Amanda's photography features stark and imposing beauty of these geological icons across the globe.

Born and raised in northern Pennsylvania on the borders of the Endless Mountains, for many years Amanda took their beauty for granted. As a teenager, Amanda began working for VanZandbergen Photography and through their mentorship discovered that photography could go beyond being a hobby and become an informed college degree choice. Persuing her dream, Amanda graduated with a BFA in Design with an emphasis in Photography from Marywood University in 2010 before moving to northern Vermont. Now living and working in the Green Mountains, Amanda appreciates how this mountain chain has helped her appreciate her childhood environment and informed her current photographic work. 

Join us Thursday, March 3rd at 4pm for an Opening Reception and artist Q&A.

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Mikayla Johnson ‘16 Opens Show at New Moon Cafe

Posted by Robert C. Kirk, Creative Director

Jan 12, 2016 5:02:25 PM

January 8 – February 29, 2016
New Moon Cafe, 150 Cherry Street, Burlington, Vermont

Looking for something to do on a chilly mid-winter day? Head on over to New Moon Cafe for a warm drink and the chance to peruse the artwork of talented Burlington College artist and student, Mikayla Johnson '16. Her artwork ranges from realistic natural landscapes to self-portraits and abstracts.
Describing her artistic process, she says, “I want to move, to escape, get lost, and travel when I paint. I paint to ask questions of myself in order to spark new curiosities. When I start a new painting I think of it as starting a new journey. I use a variety of mediums to create specific textures and colors while trying to portray a sense of wonder for my viewers.  I like to push myself in terms of process and enjoy exploring new ways of making a mark- whether it’s with coffee, sticks, cement, or my feet. As an artist of multiple disciplines, I also work with materials such as metals, wire, and stained glass.”
Mikayla moved to Vermont from Maine to study at Burlington College in 2012. Her favorite part of the College is its small size, “ I feel really lucky to have such small and interactive classes. I knew I needed to be in a smaller place and it just all made sense when I came here. I could feel the close-knit community of Burlington College even when I was just taking the campus tour as a prospective student.”
She will be graduating May, 2016 with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Expressive Arts. Mikayla currently works at the Shelburne Craft School, where she is a studio assistant and instructor for youth classes.
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Burlington College Alum Abbey Meaker Launches “Overnight Projects” at Burlington City Arts

Posted by Coralee Holm, Dean of Operations and Advancement

Jan 7, 2016 2:42:31 PM

With the sale of the orphanage being finalized last week, those who will miss the history of the great old building will be relieved to know that an artistic legacy born in its hallways will live on. Last August, artist and Burlington College alum Abbey Meaker curated An Order — an exhibit of short-lived installations located in the vacant rooms and hallways of St. Joseph's Orphanage, featuring a variety of local Vermont artists and co-sponsored by Burlington College and Burlington City Arts.
This year, Meaker and An Order artist Sarah O Donnell have come together to begin Overnight Projects, an exhibition program, “whose mission is to expand the contemporary art conversation in Vermont by inviting local, national, and international artists to create site-specific installations, performances, and related programming in abandoned, or transitional spaces.”
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Portfolio Review Day 2015

Posted by Robert C. Kirk, Creative Director

May 13, 2015 11:01:00 AM

Knowing 15 design professionals were going to show up at the College to look at their portfolios really got our graphic design students motivated — nervous, but motivated. We call it Portfolio Review Day and this year I decided participation was going to be a requirement for all Burlington College students in the Graphic Design program.

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First Friday Art Walk Features BC Student Art!

Posted by StaciAnne Grove, Marketing Coordinator

Apr 28, 2015 8:47:00 AM

Didn't get enough art and excitement at the Big Spring Art Party and Student Film Festival last weekend? This Friday has two more celebrations of Burlington College artists as well. You will not want to miss these events, they are sure to be high energy and have more amazing work to enjoy and purchase! You can check out these two exhibits and many more during the First Friday Art Walk, this Friday.

New Moon Cafe will be displaying Art in Berlin during and June. Last October, Burlington College students traveled with Dana Heffern, Chair of Art+Design, to learn as she exhibited her Gods of Afflication series in a Berlin gallery. This group show, by Burlington College students who went on the Travel+Learn Berlin trip this past October, features artwork inspired by their experiences.

The students are writers, musicians, activists, graphic designers, fine artists, and photographers who took part in a Travel+Learn class. Berlin, a cutting edge haven for emerging artists, is a dynamic, progressive city that embraces the new while respecting its past.  The students traveled to unexpected places — attending multiple art openings, pop-up galleries, and musical performances throughout their 8 day experience.

With new energy based in the grit, restlessness and experimental spirit of Berlin, students brought Germany to Vermont with art inspired by their journey.

New Moon is located at 150 Cherry Street in Burlington. Meet the artists starting at 6:00 p.m.

Students with work included in the exhibit are:
Taylor Bruleigh '15
Kacie Cotter-Sacala '15
Brandi Giroux '16
Jenna Jakubowski '17
Mikayla Johnson '16
Teagan Mellor '17
Patrick Rafferty '17
Everett Renderer '16

The Vermont Woodworking School will also be taking part in the fun of First Friday Art Walks with their Opening Reception at Frog Hollow Vermont State Craft Center on Church Street in Burlington.

Frog Hollow is welcoming Vermont Woodworking School students into the gallery for a month-long exhibit titled Finished. All works are by Vermont Woodworking School students and graduates, who are permeating the landscape and influencing Vermont's design aesthetic. Vermont is experiencing a renaissance and recommitment to crafted, utilitarian wooden objects, and VWS graduates are a significant part of this rebirth. View, touch and experience their finished work at this special May show. This show is focused on individuals who have completed their course of study with VWS.

In 2011 the VWS was accepted as the first Vermont State Craft Education Center under the newly redesigned designation. This exhibit marks the third collaboration between Frog Hollow and the VWS and it focuses on the breadth of skills students mastered in the school's various programs. Come see their work at Frog Hollow on the Marketplace in Burlington, VT, May 1 - June 1.

Participating Students:
Joel Byrne '15
Pat Ford '12
Jesse Fox '15
Tyler Gebhardt '14
Andrew Gilmer
David Lewis — Immersion Program '14
Sylas Navar — Immersion Program '13
Steve Robinson — Immersion Program '10

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Guest Blog: Ed Tick on The Warrior's Return

Posted by Ed Tick, Ph.D.

Mar 9, 2015 3:08:00 PM

Since the late 1970s, before Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) was a diagnosis, I have worked to understand, transform and heal military and combat trauma in troops, veterans and survivors of all wars up through the present. My new book Warrior's Return is the result of my life-long labor to provide wisdom, hope and a genuine path for healing and homecoming to those who have survived hell in our country’s name.

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March 8 | International Women's Day

Posted by StaciAnne Grove, Marketing Coordinator

Mar 4, 2015 2:11:57 PM

On Sunday, March 8th,  join Burlington College in a community-wide celebration of International Women’s Day.  This event will reflect our city's diversity through the shared stories of immigrant and refugee women about their journeys from Africa, Europe, India, Asia, Nepal and the Arab world.  Recipes from around the world will be available for sampling.

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